Who am I?  I am the seeker and the sought.  Once upon a time, I was a devout Christian, at least, I thought so.  Now, I am not sure that was ever the case.  I grew up in the church of a conservative denomination: the kind that would condemn me for writing this blog.  I would have quite self-righteously condemned myself.  At some point, I became a seeker.  This doesn’t happen until you become convinced that you do not have all the answers.  In my case, that meant losing a lot of debates with people who were smarter than me.

Now, I am the sought.  I am not searching for religious truth as much as I am searching for myself.  I feel that I have made the journey all the way through my religious tradition, but I am not certain of where that has led me, or who I am as a result of it.  If theism defined my religious life, then non-theism will equally define my non-religious life.  I just don’t know how to define that life yet.

I post frequently.  In those posts, you will learn a lot more about me than you will in this section.  In my post-religious life, I find myself both angry and relieved, and more than a little afraid.  I am angry at what I consider to be religious abuses perpetrated against me from the time of my youth, and frankly, against most everyone.  My writing sometimes reflects that anger.  I am relieved that I have made the journey through my tradition, and am anxious to see what’s next.  Finally, I am filled with a new kind of trepidation.  Since I have spent all of my life in the religious world, all of my friends and family are religious people.  I fear the heartache and disappointment I will cause to those who thought they knew me as I come out of the theistic closet.  I suspect I am about to find out the hard way if I have any friends as I go public with my post-religious life.

In one, final, desperate moment of retreat back to my old comfort zone, I wish I could ask you to pray for me.  But, alas, such an act holds no expression in my post-religious reality.  I ask that you follow this blog, encourage, and help me find myself.  With any luck, this blog will do the same for you.

David Johnson


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