On Voting

Are you a registered voter? If not, I suggest you lie about it to avoid the swarm of do-gooders who would force upon you, their good intentions to get you into that blessed condition. Let me just say up front, I am a conscientious, non-voter. This, as opposed to a lazy, or apathetic, non-voter. Either way, I believe we are done more harm by voters than non-voters. Here’s why:

Part of the Problem

You have heard it said that if you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. That is fine, motivational speechism. Otherwise, it is literal nonsense. What does that even mean? If I get mugged at gunpoint, am I in some way, a part of the problem? How much do I have to do, proactively, before I am no longer the problem? Who gets to judge? No! I vehemently reject that notion as bonk!

Voting does not, in and of itself, make you a part of any solution. There have been plenty of people who have voted for such things as slavery and the subjugation of women. Are they the more honorable of their era because they voted? Are the ones who stayed away from the polls equally culpable? No! voting for an idiot makes you an idiotic voter, not a part of any solution that benefits society as a whole.

Voter Registration

I am not a fan of voter registration drives. To be more clear, I am dead-set against them. I strongly believe that people who are too apathetic to vote, should be left to their Andy Griffith reruns. What kind of voter are you really going to get if they do not even have enough investment in the system to register? How closely has such a person followed the issues and considered the qualifications of a particular candidate? Is that really the person you want to decide if your child’s school gets funded? Not me.

The only ones who benefit from indiscriminate, voter registration are those who have an agenda that requires a bunch of uninformed voters. Talking points to the contrary, no one is interested in getting more people involved in voting for benevolent motivations. They want people in a given area to turn out and vote for their particular candidate or issue. If you want Obama to win, the last thing you want is for a bunch of Romney supporters to suddenly be registered. No one loses an election and says, “Well, at least more people voted”.


Rather than promoting greater voter turnout, I support a smaller turnout at the polls. This is because I am convinced that only a few, passionate people really care about and understand the issues that matter. I would even support the idea of a voter registration test to confirm that a person is knowledgable about the matters at hand, if such a test could be administered in a fair manner. After all, we have tests people must pass in order to operate a motor vehicle on a public road. Why should we treat the governance of our country as less important?

Everyone should not have the right to vote. It should be a privilege earned. Even American Idol requires you to watch the show and make a selection based on your knowledge and preferences of the candidates who perform. Even that is a higher level of competence than that which is required to raise taxes. Pardon me if I don’t take your solution very seriously.

Happy voting.

David Johnson


One thought on “On Voting

  1. I am in complete agreement. Who is more qualified to vote? The 40 year old moron or the 40 year old genius? The answer here is an easy one. Asked another way, who is more qualified to vote, the 40 year old moron or the 15 year old genius? I know the standard argument. Juveniles are not allowed to vote because they are easily manipulated by adults. Nonsense, a 15 year old genius is much more likely to know his/her mind and vote with deliberation. The 40 year old moron will vote based on the last suggestion of a close friend.

    Let us put up a voting test. Here is an easy one. Please spell the names of your representatives and senators. Here is a much harder but more useful standard. You must perform service to the country either as a civil servant in a qualifying position or as a member of the armed forces. If you think is farfetched, you have not given any real thought to the existing system.

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