Orthodox Jews Hold Anti-Internet Rally

I read an article this morning that just left me shaking my head and face-palming. Just as I am trying to make peace with communities of faith in my heart, I come across this headline:


“A rather unusual event took place in New York City this past Sunday: the New York Mets’ Citi Field was filled to capacity with Orthodox Jews — males only, in keeping with the religion’s code — who were there to attend a rally about the dangers of the internet. So populous was the gathering that nearby Arthur Ashe stadium (20,000 capacity) had to also be rented out, while women interested in observing events were provided “viewing parties” in Orthodox neighborhoods of Brooklyn and New Jersey”.

The article goes on to explain what the orthodox Jewish problem with the internet is. As you might imagine, there is too much pornography. They are also against social networks like Twitter which foster a sense of closeness from a distance, while making people more distant in person. I have tried to avoid mocking religion for the sake of mockery, but some things just deserve to be mocked.

Here is the solution to the Jewish problem with the internet: Stop visiting porn sites, and close your Facebook account. Done! This rally is an example of why I abhor religion. People talk about a personal faith and relationship with god. The great irony is that the moment they talk about it, it is no longer personal; it is public. They do not just want to share the fact that they have this faith; they want to impose it on others, and judge others by their lack of faith.

In this case, it is no enough for these orthodox Jews to personally disapprove of the internet. They want to ban the activities of others as well. All this is bad enough, but it gets worse. The whole affair has the nausiating stink of hypocracy. They are not just trying to push a narrow-minded agenda on the world, they are trying to sell a product. This whole affair is sponsored by a Jewish group selling internet filtering software. This is the point where I would say something about following the money, but that seems obvious and cheap, so I will avoid it.

Also not lost on me is the view of women expressed in the fact that they were not allowed to be at the event, but had to have seperate veiwing venues. Don’t even get me started.

Hopefully, my closing sentiment will be understood and forgiven by the good level-headed people who follow this blog. Speaking of whom, I would like to publicaly acknowledge my appreciation to those who are new to the blog and choose to follow it on a daily basis. I receive a notice whenever new people follow the blog. Thank you. So please indulge my final sentiment on the matter:

Religion must die! Just die!

David Johnson


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