Beyond Apathy (Continued)

My speech, to the best of my memory, before the senate committee to repeal HB56:

I cannot imagine what it would take to get a person to voluntarily leave the country of his origin and enter a strange land at great risk to his health and life.  What horrors must a person be escaping that propels her across a militarized border, into a place where she does not speak the language, understand the financial or political system, and will be hated on sight.  I cannot fathom the desperation that leads to such actions, but those are the precisely the actions taken by our neighbors to the south by the thousands, and tens of thousands.

I don’t know about you, but I consider such a person as someone in need.  I have a history of trying to help those in need who cross my path.  I live in East Birmingham.  For any such person in need, my house will be a safe harbor.  I own a PT Cruiser.  As long as I do, my car will provide safe transport.  With such resources as we have, the food on my table will provide sustenance to those who need it.  It has always been so with me, and I have never once required proof of immigration status to serve those in need.

But I am not alone.  I contend that every person of conscience, not just those of faith, do, and will continue to do the same things with or without the sanction of the law.  It does not matter if you repeal the law.  People of conscience will continue to do what they believe is right.  I simply ask that you reconsider making criminals out of those who strive to answer the calling of their better angels.

David Johnson


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